Who are we?

Talofa everyone

MENA is a family run clothing business that started in Samoa back in 2002. The owners and designers of MENA are Mena Loheni and her four daughters Agnes, Jackie, Gina and Charlene.

We are passionate about our business because it ties in everything that we love under one roof.. –  fashion, culture, colour, heritage and of course family!

We want to use this blog to share our thoughts and inspirations behind what we do. We started off making Samoan dresses and Puletasi (two-piece garments). We are now also well known for our resort dresses, cocktail wear and evening dresses in our signature vibrant Pacific prints. We LOVE colour! It’s amazing how a combination of colour, print and a classic silhouettes can immediately enhance your look.

We hope that you will check in with us regularly as we share with you some of the wonderful people, events and experiences we come across in our MENA world.

Agnes xx

The Loheni Family: L to R: Charlene, Jackie, Fepulea’i, Mena, Gina, Agnes